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Day or night, rain or frost, little children are restless – they sparkle with energy, unable to remain in one place. However, the time period between lunch and dinner is very long for the little tummy, therefore after a short while there begins a search for a treat to regain energy. Chocolate candies and sweetened cookies have a healthy alternative – the sight of a favourite treat with the picture of a crow makes the eyes of the little sweet-tooth light up.

Karums takes special care of the little gourmands. Specifically for children, the natural, healthy, and extra tasty dairy products in small packages were developed.

Products for the little gourmands can be distinguished by a picture of a crow on the package – these are the tasty curd snacks, curd desserts, whipped yoghurt. Children’s products are free from preservatives and vegetable fats.

Likewise, for the little gourmands the Jungle POP series was created including coloured jelly desserts, tasty and cheerful Jungle POP drinks, as well as a healthy snack for the summer - Jungle POP frozen juice. The little gourmands can recognise Jungle POP products by the cheerful monkey picture.

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