Strawberry curd snack, 45g

Ingredients: curd 60%, coating 18% (butter, sugar, water, skimmed milk powder, concentrates: sweet potato, apple juice, safflower; natural flavouring, acidity regulator citric acid, emulsifier sodium phosphates), sugar, strawberries 3,4%, corn fibres, water, thickener pectin, natural flavourings, fruit and vegetable concentrates: radish, apple, blackcurrant.

Curd snack with baked apples, cinnamon and cereals, 45g

Ingredients: curd 56%, coating 18% (butter, sugar, cocoa powder), sugar, baked apple-cinnamon-cereals additive 12% (sugar, water, baked apples 15%, oat flakes 3%, barley flakes 3%, rye flakes 2%, citrus fibre, cut oats 1%, rye bran 1%, natural flavourings, cinnamon 0,2%, acidity regulator citric acid), natural flavouring.

Curd snack Vanilla, 45g

Ingredients: curd 63%, sugar, coating 18% (butter, sugar, cocoa powder), vanillin flavouring.